Souq is a an American streetwear brand rooted in Middle Eastern heritage and culture, started in 2021 by Jenanne Filat and Naseem Hankir, a mother and son duo. Jenanne, Creative Director of Souq, draws design inspiration from her early travels and experiences to her homeland in the Middle East.  The daughter of a master tailor, she utilizes her expertise in tailored menswear to create a flawless fit in each creation. Naseem Hankir, Co-Creative Director of Souq, brings an innovative approach to the designs and processes used to make each piece. All garments use the same old world tailoring techniques that the Middle East has used for centuries and new innovative processes to bring the past and present together as one. Our garments have a unique and rich history before they are worn, a story lives in each of them and each person that wears them adds to that story.